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Tyler Tervooren - Table Top Inventing PodcastTyler Tervooren is an independent entrepreneur and founder of He's started 7 businesses and traveled to more than 20 different countries.  His life sounds exciting to outsiders, but anyone who’s known him a while knows it hasn’t always been like this.

He grew up in a small town where you were praised for living a simple, conservative life. You were supposed to play it safe and always go for the sure thing. Step out and do something unusual, and you were quickly discounted as a weirdo.  Living that life felt safe, but unfulfilling. So, when he moved away the day after graduating high school, he started to make a priority of stepping outside his comfort zone and trying new things to see where they’d lead.

There were a lot of false starts and bad paths, but every failure taught a lesson never learned before. Along the way, Tyler met people who were living lives he couldn’t imagine.  They had weird, fun jobs he’d never heard of. They’d been to places he didn’t know existed. They were happy because they’d found ways to get around the default life path.

They weren’t broke (in fact, they were usually quite wealthy), they weren’t outcasts (quite the opposite), and they weren’t crazy.  A lightbulb went on. It actually was possible for normal people to take big risks in life and succeed.

For more than 10 years, Tyler's been fascinated with learning the strategies and tactics normal people can use to do things usually reserved only for the super-privileged.  He studies how investors behave; new breakthroughs and little-known truths of human psychology; and the strategies of thriving artists.

What he's found is most big risks in life are only risky because we don’t understand them. By combining our passion and intuition with proven research and smart-strategy, we can win at almost anything.

Now, he builds courses to teach the principles of Smart Riskology to anyone willing to learn and writes about his findings on the Riskology blog.  Listen in to today's podcast to learn more about Riskology from Tyler.

Original Release Date: 2/26/15

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Mike Ghost - Table Top Inventing PodcastWhat happens to trash once it hops into the trash truck from my garbage can? What is the value of a 4-year education beyond the classes offered? Why would federal investigators show up to a landfill? How do we turn play into learning?

Today are talkin’ trash with Mike Ghost! Well, not exactly like that… Today we’ll be talking to a former district manager for Waste Management about what happens to your trash after it leaves the can at the curb. Along the way, we’ll also discover how one man’s journey through high school to college to the workforce and back to college led him to appreciate the value of an education.

This week’s Great Inventor Secrets is actually brought to us by Jonathan Butcher and Daniel Cheung who were featured on last week’s podcast. We had so much great material that I wanted to share a few more minutes of our conversation with a couple of great inventors. Tune in and learn more!

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Jonathan Butcher and Daniel Cheung - Table Top Inventing PodcastHow does an embryonic heart form? How exactly does one set about 3D printing a fully human, fully compatible heart valve? How does failure influence innovation? Is there more to a 3D printed heart valve than just the printing?

Today we have an exciting interview with Jonathan Butcher, a research professor at Cornell University, and one of his graduate students, Daniel Cheung. Before we get started I’d like to remind you to share our podcast with your friends and colleagues. The ideas you hear on this podcast will literally change your world and your student’s horizons. We discuss innovation, success, inventing, learning, and other crucial life skills. On today’s show specifically, Jonathan and I discuss the role of failure in learning. We discuss the path to research success. Oh, and we jump head first into the topic of 3D printing heart valves. There was so much to cover that we skipped the inventor secrets in lieu of the great interview. This is some heady stuff. Put on your diving gear. We’re going in deep today!

Original Release Date: 2/12/15

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Mark Haapala - Table Top Inventing PodcastWho exactly are Perspicacity and Perspicuity, and why are they on our podcast? What would make an insurance claims investigator participate in renaissance fairs? If the devil is in the details, why are they so important? What can cause a classroom full of budding mathematicians gape in amazement?

Speaking of world change, on the show we have an investigator who pries into the business of large corporations. Now it’s not what you might think, but I’ll let Mark tell you more about what he does.

Original Release Date: 2/5/15

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